etEngine-ERP- why for Manufacturing & Foundry Industry ?

etEngine-ERP support team provides 24/7 support based on the customer contract. etEngine-Support team has implemented CRM tool for tracking incoming support calls for faster and better resolution of customer complaint and satisfaction.

Support Classification

  • FAQ Database
  • Online Training
  • Online Support/ Correction
  • New product update relevant to Industry

Support calls are classified as below for faster and better customer delight:

Support Classification

Type of Issue

Time to Resolve



  1. Show Stopping critical transaction of out going documents
  2. Stopping Critical out- going documents


3-24 hrs

Resolving time will be notified by email


  1. Module level runtime bug/report level data validation
  2. Database column size changes
  3. New patch update
  4. New report update




  1. User end clarification on work flow
  2. User end data entry correction




  1. User end training

Will be planning with mutual agreement of date and time


  1. Changes request in exciting report adding new field & changes in exciting report 

Impact and change request will be signed off from customer and if any commercial impact, will be confirmed by email