Engineering Industry: Challenges faced by Engineering Industries are tracking of the Orders as per the delivery schedules, Most of the time order completion cycle will be in 3 to 10 weeks cycle time. Challenge is to track material availability, ensuring Plant Utilization as per the incoming orders & ensuring on time deliveries from sub contractor.

etEngine- ERP specifically designed & implemented to meet the business requirement Engineering Industries. Work order based tracking of material reservation, purchase & issue.

Engineering specific features

  • Drill down Bill of Materials
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Production Scheduling-Plant Capacity Utilization
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Reservation
  • Automated Supplier Delivery Schedules
  • Capacity Planning
  • Manpower Planning

Why etEngine to Engineering Domain

  • Exclusive system for Capital goods & Assembly manufacturing industries
  • Detailed variance analysis for planned job hours and actual job hours.
  • Exclusive “planning module” with backward & forward scheduling for better customer commitment
  • Easy capacity analysis to fine tune the bottle neck of available machine & labor hours
  • Scheduling process made easy with customer delivery priority changes.
  • Job ID to track the detailed compiled one access summary of production flow with work centers & Quality
  • Machine idle time/un productive hours analysis-Better utilization of capacity
  • Forward forecasting of order to plan the stock for production & marketing department
  • Costing variance analysis with break up of labor, machine & overhead cost analysis
  • Decade of domain expertise for the implementation team
  • Successful implementation to SMEs to large scale industries in shortest possible time