Challenges faced by foundry industries is to meet on time customer delivery schedules, reduce quality cost (rejection), better & efficient energy utilization, inventory carry cost and labor utilization.

etEngine-Foundry ERP specifically designed & implemented in 50 major foundries across India, enabled with best practices of Foundry Industries to meet the above challenges

Foundry specific solutions

  • Product costing
    • Tool to estimate the product cost for better quote with 99% accuracy
    • Tool to compare the actual cost of production to ensure profitability
  • Complete production planning solution to know
    • Capacity utilization & bottleneck analysis of Moulding, Melting & Core making
    • Raw material planning for better ‘just in time inventory’
    • Scheduling of shop floor (modeling line) to meet customer deliveries
  • Complete foundry shop floor solution to know
    • Daily production log, line with planning
    • Rejection Analysis-Heat/ Product / Defect wise

Why etEngine for Foundry Business

  • Exclusively foundry business management solution with 50+ implementation
  • Detailed Estimation & costing module for product cost analysis
  • Exclusive “planning module” for Melting, moulding & core making dept.
  • Heat-wise tracking of customer END rejection with detailed compiled
    one access summary of Melting, pouring, quality
  • Tracking of product development status methoding, pattern, core box with history card
  • Easy Casting Weight variance analysis
  • Moulding machine idle time analysis-Better utilization of capacity
  • Casting defect analysis with range of parameters-Heat no, product, metal grade
  • Tool development cycle time analysis
  • Decade of domain expertise for the implementation team
  • Successful implementation to SMEs to large scale foundries in shortest possible time